Independence, Ohio

6. "I'd like to buy a gun..."

Early Morning Friday November 18th:

The four footballers head off to their car, having dropped their “cultist” manner.

Zhu takes a look down the hole where the sacrifices were made, sees nothing too unusual. Then she heads back to the car. Jonah texts Hugo to find out where he was, and Hugo comes to with only very patchy memories of… tunnels and stuff. He meets up with the others, and they talk about what they have seen.

Jonah mentions that he has heard that there is a Fed coming to town and that they might want to get the security footage from the Mall, if possible before they come to town.

They drive off and away from Lookout Point…

When Hugo gets home, he realises he has lost his gun.

Midday Friday November 18th:

Jonah goes round to see Josh’s parents. They are Mabel and Hank. The conversation is awkward. Mabel mebtions that Josh had a gun and that his diary contained disturbing messages. They say that they have the services of Mr Huey, an affordable attorney.

Meanwhile, Hugo and Zhu talk over their plans for breaking in to the mall for the security tapes.

Later that afternoon, they head off to Lookout Point to look for Hugo’s gun, which Zhu then finds. They head back to town, Zhu going to look for her shady contacts, whilst Hugo heads home and finds his revolver is missing three rounds, but they weren’t shot.

Zhu goes to meet up with Mr Liu. The conversation is polite, and he offers a certain amount of help, schematics and security cameras, contact details of the security guard. He suggests that he might ask for some help in return. He mentions that the Independent Clothes Store is off-limits.

Jonah gets a call from his mother, saying she has cooked supper. He goes home and has dinner and she is cagey about meeting someone for some business from before she met his father on Sunday. She even gives him some money.

Jonah then goes to see Josh in prison. He admits the gun, and the diary. He says that he saw Jody going round behind the B-Building, and not, as far as he can tell, with Michael, the supposed Goth boyfriend.

Zhu gets the information from Mr Liu on the Mall and the security guard, Angus Heaton. She calls Hugo over to talk about this and in the middle of a phone call with Jonah “the5thWarrior” starts talking on IM to Hugo. He says that Hugo is wrong and that Zhu shouldn’t trust him.

Zhu’s mother offers Hugo to stay for dinner and the conversation is slightly awkward as Zhu’s family think that the two are an item.

Hugo pokes Helena on Facebook. Then he meets his shady drug contact, arranges for him to send the bribe money over to Angus Heaton.

Saturday 19th November:

Zhu, Hugo, Helena go to see Josh in jail and they go for lunch afterwards, Hugo’s treat.

Sunday Afternoon 20th November:

Jonah is working on his Sunday afternoon shift when a stetson-wearing man walks in and asks for a Ruger Blackhawk .45 gun… A silver one if possible…



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