Independence High School

General Information

Students: 1000+

Faculty: 44

Administration: 14

Grades Taught: 9-12 (age 15-18)

Curriculum Structure

The school day starts at 8:30 and ends at 3:30, and is split up into 9 forty-five minute periods (one of which is for lunch) and a fifteen minute break in the morning.

Core subjects are English, History, Science and mathematics, each of which is broken down into multiple class options (e.g. English Language, US History, Biology and Algebra II etc.), and these are then supplemented by various electives, such as IT, Business Studies, Foreign Languages etc.

PE is a mandatory extra, but does not count towards any final marks unless extra PE is taken as an elective.


Notable Staff

Staff Member Position
Dr Wintringer Headmistress
Mr Althorp Chief Supervisor Grade 10
Mr Thurston School Counsellor
Ms Smithson Head of Science Department
Coach Haldwick Football Coach
Mr Callson Teacher: English II
Ms Glendower Teacher: War of Independence

School Societies/Cliques

Society/Clique Notable Members Brief Description Social Standing
Football Team – The Warthogs Hank Svensson – QB, Billy Jackson – Blitz, Waldo Emmett – Center Currently near untouchable after their victory in the Tri-County Cup, a typical team of sporty, beefy bullies. Very High
Chess Club Allioucious Cartwright, Wendy Jameson, Hannah Schofield Surprisingly unbullied, despite the nerdy nature of their activity. The presence of Wendy a highly socially capable (and popular) young woman plays an important role in this. Medium
The Breakfast Club Alice Arnold-Song, Jonah McCreedy, Hugo Fitzroy-Montgomery III, Josh Haberson, Helena Alderson, Martin Utreint The ‘Special Social Needs’ organisation set up by Mr Thurston, running on Saturday mornings. Widely targetted for low-level bullying, and containing the social rejects of the school. Very Low
The In-Crowd Lewis Huntsberger, Nina Svensson, Antonia Fernwhickle Overlapping heavily with the Football team and several of the other school sports teams, the In-Crowd is an exclusive group of popular friends who organise parties and decide who counts and who does not. Unusually, Hugo Fitzroy-Montgomery III belongs to both the In-Crowd and the Breakfast Club. Or at least, his presence is accepted by the In-Crowd, mostly because of his generosity with hosting parties and handing out… substances. Very High
The Goths Helena Alderson, Anne ‘Angel’ Kennedy, ‘Edgar’ Alan Prentice With only about two dozen goths in the whole school, they are one of the smallest cliques, but their impact on the student body is more significant than their numbers might indicate, at least in part due to the decade-long moral panic associated with them. Low
The Brass Band Karl Schmidt, Jenni-Angela Mabels, Simon ‘Si’ McFaddon An insular group, the Brass Band spends an awful lot of time practicing, often marching around school grounds, the ‘Oom-Pah Oom-Pah’ of the tuba providing a backdrop to lessons and free lessons. Despite their precision marching and outstanding performances at the various Warthog matches, they remain in the lower echelons of the school’s popularity leagues. Medium/Low
The Religious Crowd Jeremy Handel, Robert Athorp, Lane Kim, Jonah McCreedy Whilst, of course, most people in Independence are at least nominally faithful, at the High School a number of students are more outspoken about what they consider to be ‘religious issues’. Currently they are heavily involved in fighting the teaching of ‘evilution’ and non-abstinence sex education in the school. Jonah McCreedy is considered to be on the far-end of the scale, even by others within the Religious Crowd. But his heart is in the right place at least… Medium/High
The Mathaletes Marcus Henessey, Gordon Grahams, Laura Palmer Officially the ‘Mathaletes’ are simply the eight or so students who either are, or have been members of the official school maths team, which competes with nearby schools at various events. In practice the ‘nerdier’ elements of the school tend to congregate around these official Mathaletes, so the term is broadly applied. As might be expected they are targets for a healthy dose of bullying. Low
The ‘Bad’ Kids Jake Conway, Helena Alderson, Harry Kemp The ‘Bad’ kids are the students who constantly cut class, are openly disobedient to teachers and authority figures and often are involved in petty crime outside of school. Often prone to violence, their reputation makes it rare that anyone will stand up to them. Other (they don’t mess with their social betters, but their social betters don’t mess with them)

Independence High School

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