Independence, Ohio

13. Friendship?

Sunday 27th November Morning:

Jonah goes to Church early, about 9 and helps set things up for the service. There he meets Mrs Hannity and talks to her about Bill Hanks. She says that he had some sort of a strange machine, looking like a remote control for an electric car, and that he has been having late night meetings with a foreign-sounding woman and Agent Coulson.

Zhu begins looking up demon-banishing rituals on the internet. She finds lots and lots of drek, but eventually works out a few basic principles. Knowing the name and/or nature of the demon and researching it specifically seems to be the order of the day. Researching all of this takes most of the day. She forwards most of this information to Jonah.

Hugo waits around for the police and eventually an officer arrives, gives the place a look over, and later a foresnics team come in and brush for fingerprints. Later on his parents get home and they are horrible about Hilda, the maid.

Many of the paintings were by the same artist, David Reynard, and Mrs Maybell seemed to imply that Jonah’s mother knew him. In many/all of the paintings a baby is hidden in some corner, but the baby ages throughout the pictures, whilst somehow remaining a baby. At least one of the pictures seems to be of Independence from the perspective of someone at Lookout Point.


Jonah McCreedy goes to visit the The Birth-View Museum. Mrs Maybell is slightly creepy at him. She mentions that both Agent Coulson and Bill Hanks visited earlier (though separately). She draws a diagram of the strange machine that Bill had and Jonah works out that it is partially an EMF detector.


Hugo goes out to dinner with his parents to The Good Fish Plaice. The food is awkward, and it is clear that his parents don’t know how to connect with him.

Zhu & Jonah look up the local history of Independence, but they don’t find anything which looks like the killings have happened before in the local area.

28th November Monday Morning:

The three arrive in school, and Hugo sees Nina across the court, but then Helena comes up and starts to talk to him, thanking him for what the others did to Edgar. But then Nina comes over and kisses him.

Helena is upset and runs off to the bathrooms, and Zhu follows her, reassuring her that it is Hugo is an asshole. She comes out of the bathroom and punches Hugo in the mouth.

Relations between Hugo, Zhu and Jonah deteriate rather significantly after this…

Hugo contacts Martin Utreint and manages to convince him that he isn’t such a bad guy.

9. Freedom

Tuesday 22st November:

Hugo continues to tweet about the murder and goes into the police station to ask about Josh’s release, but they brush him off.

Zhu tweets about the supposed affair between Sheriff Jones and Jeremy McFaddon to take away some of Hugo’s kudos.

Hugo gets invited to visit Lewis and they do some archery together and listen to some music. Lewis and Hugo try to engage in some one-upmanshipping.

Zhu continues to hack into Si’s email account (5/7 successes 1 roll per day).

Jonah heads over to Karl’s place to warn him about the danger of Si’s demonicness. Karl is slightly off-put by Jonah’s demeanour and heads off to band-practice.

Shortly before meeting at the Good Food Wok, Zhu goes round to Helena’s house to find that her mother is not letting anyone in. She sneaks round the and finds that Helena has been beaten by Edgar, her boyfriend and the other goths who turned on her. Zhu promises to get back at Edgar.

Evening Tuesday 21st November

Jonah and Martin arrive on time at the Good Food Wok, whilst Zhu arrives a little later and tells them about Helena.

Shortly after that Hugo arrives with the In-Crowd plus some footballers and they sit down for a meal. Hank eggs Hugo on to throw a bread at Zhu, then clusterfuck for the Footballers.

That night, when Jonah gets home, he finds a note from his mother saying she will be back late, that ‘I have gone to the Lord. Will be back by midnight’. When she gets back, she is stinking drunk.

When Zhu gets home, her mother tries to guilt her over lying to her grandmother earlier, but Zhu claims that she was helping Helena who had been beaten up by her boyfriend.

Wedensday 23rd November:


Jonah goes to his church meeting and strikes up a conversation with Mrs Hannity, owner of the motel at which Bill Hanks is staying. Jonah learns that he hasn’t been around the standard hunting grounds and that he drives a red Chrysler Jeep with darkened back windows.

About 9pm Josh texts the others to say thank you and that he has been released.

Thursday 24th November:

Zhu, Martin and Jonah start discussing what to do about Edgar beating up Helena by email, and Jonah contemplates forming a mob to beat up some of the Goths.

Friday 25th November:


The three of you are called in to Dr Wintringer’s office and told that Agent Coulson wants to have a word with them.

8. Everything is Concluded

Evening Monday 20th November:

Jonah heads out to look over the meeting spot. He checks it out and makes sure that he knows the area, somewhere within earshot of Johnson Memorial Trailerpark. Hugo meanwhile picks up up zhu, though Zhu’s mother tells her she can’t leave, so she sneaks out the back.


Karl turns up about five minutes and starts telling the others that he thinks that Si had photos of Jody, dead and hollowed out, in his garage, and that he couldn’t tell the police because Sheriff Jones is having an affair with Si’s father meaning that he doesn’t trust her.

He then leaves, and the others talk amongst themselves, saying that they find this deeply suspicious. Zhu’s mother phones Zhu and asks where she is, having found out that she has snuck back into her room.

They decide to go and sneak around Si’s house to look for the photos which Karl said would be there. Zhu sneaks in and finds the photos, but as she is about to sneak out, someone taps on the Hugo’s car window. It is Si. He is creepy at them. When Hugo tells Si to “Go away and play with yourself”, he heads off the the garage, wazing at Zhu as he passes her by. He comes out with a tuba and begins to play and something strange comes over Hugo and Zhu a feeling of unity and happiness, of belonging.

When Zhu gets home her mother has locked her computer away below the stairs. Zhu breaks it out and starts hacking Si’s email (1/7 1 test per day). She also talks to ‘thefifthwarrior’ online and he warns her that ‘Hugo is dead’. Zhu also gets a message printed out warning her that ‘Hugo’ is dead’.

Tuesday 21st November:

Helena doesn’t come in to school and Jonah gives her a call, but gets through to her drunk mother. She seems to imply that something happened to Helena, and Jonah takes this to refer to the shit in the mailbox.

At school, meanwhile, Hugo stays home with a hangover etc., and over lunch Zhu and Jonah start talking. They are interrupted by Si who asks them if they know? If they know? He then says that he needs to turn himself in and heads off to the police station.

Meanwhile, hearing that this is going down, Hugo starts tweeting about Si turning himself in and soon has lots of people re-tweeting and being interested in what he is saying. He also looks in Si’s car and sees a knife in the back. He goes in to the police station and reports it and then tweets about it.

7. Date-Night

Sunday 19th November:

Jonah McCreedy talks to the man in the stetson, gets his name and address. Bill Hanks is from Wyoming and will have to wait 3 days for the paperwork to go through. Sends him to a motel owned by Mrs Hannity a member of his church. Bill claimed he was out here for some hunting.

Jonah McCreedy texts the other two to warn them about a dangerous man being in town. He takes photocopies of the photocopy he took of the ID to send to the other two. Zhu comes round to pick up her photocopy that evening and investigates Bill Hanks and finds that whilst his background is technically entirely legitimate (signed off by a Federal Agent even), it is deeply suspicious.

A few hours later, Hugo turns up and the other two try to convince him that Bill is suspicious.

Jonah gets a phone call from a man calling himself Michael to ask him to pick up his mother on the I92, since his truck can’t come in to the small town. Jonah heads off immediately. He gets out to the interstate and finds Michael with his mother in the truck cab. He has a gun, Michael introduces himself as Michael Lord and says he will likely be passing through town several more times in the next month or so.

Sunday 19th Late Night:

Zhu and Hugo go to break in at the mall. Zhu breaks in successfully, sneaking past the security cameras and gets to the security room. She downloads the information on to her computer and is about to leave when she hears voices outside and has to hide in a cupboard. She sees a Federal Agent come in and review the same videos as she stole.

Meanwhile, Hugo has a vision of depths, of swimming through water underground. He doesn’t see the car with the Fed pulling up. He waits for Zhu to come back and they head home. Zhu sees that she has three missed calls from home. When she gets home, it turns out someone threw a brick through her window. There is a lot of kerfuffle over this and they need to pretend they were out on a date, prompting Zhu’s mother to have ‘the talk’ with her.

Monday 20th November:

Jonah puts demon Chick tracts in the four footballers’ lockers.

Hugo talks to the Footballers and they laugh about throwing a brick through Zhu’s window and he continues to try to socialise with them.

Karl asks to meet with Jonah and Zhu later that night. He ha something to tell them…

Later on that evening Helena tells Hugo that someone took a shit in her mail-box.

Zhu clears up the picture on the security footage (showing a car picking up Jody about 10). She gets the license plates about 9:30pm. It was registered to Jeremy McFaddon, father to Si McFaddon.

6. "I'd like to buy a gun..."

Early Morning Friday November 18th:

The four footballers head off to their car, having dropped their “cultist” manner.

Zhu takes a look down the hole where the sacrifices were made, sees nothing too unusual. Then she heads back to the car. Jonah texts Hugo to find out where he was, and Hugo comes to with only very patchy memories of… tunnels and stuff. He meets up with the others, and they talk about what they have seen.

Jonah mentions that he has heard that there is a Fed coming to town and that they might want to get the security footage from the Mall, if possible before they come to town.

They drive off and away from Lookout Point…

When Hugo gets home, he realises he has lost his gun.

Midday Friday November 18th:

Jonah goes round to see Josh’s parents. They are Mabel and Hank. The conversation is awkward. Mabel mebtions that Josh had a gun and that his diary contained disturbing messages. They say that they have the services of Mr Huey, an affordable attorney.

Meanwhile, Hugo and Zhu talk over their plans for breaking in to the mall for the security tapes.

Later that afternoon, they head off to Lookout Point to look for Hugo’s gun, which Zhu then finds. They head back to town, Zhu going to look for her shady contacts, whilst Hugo heads home and finds his revolver is missing three rounds, but they weren’t shot.

Zhu goes to meet up with Mr Liu. The conversation is polite, and he offers a certain amount of help, schematics and security cameras, contact details of the security guard. He suggests that he might ask for some help in return. He mentions that the Independent Clothes Store is off-limits.

Jonah gets a call from his mother, saying she has cooked supper. He goes home and has dinner and she is cagey about meeting someone for some business from before she met his father on Sunday. She even gives him some money.

Jonah then goes to see Josh in prison. He admits the gun, and the diary. He says that he saw Jody going round behind the B-Building, and not, as far as he can tell, with Michael, the supposed Goth boyfriend.

Zhu gets the information from Mr Liu on the Mall and the security guard, Angus Heaton. She calls Hugo over to talk about this and in the middle of a phone call with Jonah “the5thWarrior” starts talking on IM to Hugo. He says that Hugo is wrong and that Zhu shouldn’t trust him.

Zhu’s mother offers Hugo to stay for dinner and the conversation is slightly awkward as Zhu’s family think that the two are an item.

Hugo pokes Helena on Facebook. Then he meets his shady drug contact, arranges for him to send the bribe money over to Angus Heaton.

Saturday 19th November:

Zhu, Hugo, Helena go to see Josh in jail and they go for lunch afterwards, Hugo’s treat.

Sunday Afternoon 20th November:

Jonah is working on his Sunday afternoon shift when a stetson-wearing man walks in and asks for a Ruger Blackhawk .45 gun… A silver one if possible…

5. Sinkholes and sacrifices

Evening Wednesday 16th November:

Jonah talks to his prayer group, asking if anyone saw anything special on the night of the murder. Someone mentions that Waldo was driving about in a Dodge Cadillac late at night.

Jonah calls Hugo to talk about what he has learnt and they are suspicious about it.

Thursday 16th November:

Morning and early afternoon, Zhu continues to read up on her Chinese protections (2/5 successes).

Hugo continues to chase after Helena on Facebook. Going to the funeral, Zhu wears the traditional Chinese mourning colours (White), whilst Jonah is quite scruffy. Meets up with Nazeem in the church.

There is some discussion about who should go in and who should stay outside.

The Funeral

Goes off basically without a hitch.

As everyone leaves the church, the Brass Band and the Glee club perform some funereal music.

Hugo offers the In-Crowd some more drugs to try and get in with them again. He has some success and learns that they are not that surprised at the suggestion that Jody had been involved with boys.

Zhu goes home and learns that she has cracked Jody’s email addresses, and also has a printout from someone. She starts going through Jody’s emails finds something significant:

‘thefoodoflove21-AT-inbox-DOT-com’ saying “No one understands me like you do. I have something I want to show you. Meet me at the mall, 10pm. Yours, S.”. Jody replied “Other people do understand you. People always tell me what a real nice guy you are. But I am so happy that you find me so special. I’ll be there at 10!”

Zhu and Hugo talk over what they have learnt and come up with a plan to slash the tires of Waldo’s car so that he has to walk to wherever he is going to go. There is extensive planning of how to make the car sabotaging look like the work of homophobes.

Night Thursday 17th November:

Zhu slashes the tires on the car and vandalises the car around about 10ish at night. Jonah and Hugo set up a watch on the house from a distance.

Waldo comes out, sees his car and is really pissed off and upset. He calls Hank and asks to get a lift out at Pierrepont and East and to go to the ‘Point’. They head out to Lookout Point in advance to wait for the others.

Eventually Waldo, Hank, Billy and another footballer called Jake arrive in Hank’s car at Lookout Point. Zhu sneaks forward to spy on them and watches as they make strange sacrifices to a sinkhole (money, libations, food and their own blood).

Hugo meanwhile, falls down a sinkhole. And learns some things…

4. Diane...

Tuesday 15th November 2011:

Around at Helena’s Zhu starts talking about the Jody thing, but then Jonah arrives, and interrupts. Helena spits in Jonah’s water. Jonah then tells people about finding the footprints near the murder site.

Zhu tells the group about having spoken to Jody and about the funeral being dangerous. Martin and Helena mention that they might want to go to the funeral, but are mostly talked down.

They decide to go to Zhu’s house to try and talk to Jody. “IthinkImbeingfollowed” makes contact again and talks to them, talking about remembering the killing. She says she knows the killer went to the edge of the water.

Jonah tries to speak with “IthinkImbeingfollowed”, but gets no response from her, and instead has a strange vision in which he said he saw people having him tied up and ready to enact some plan for the prom, and he needed to be got rid of. Jonah recognises the gun being used as a Ruger Blackhawk .45 colt.

Then they ask “IthinkImbeingfollowed” about what her connection with Jonah’s vision was, but she denies that she did anything. Gets Jonah to talk about his fear of dying and as he does so, the lights flicker.

They decide they need to speak to Michael Adams, but learn that he has gone away to visit his cousin and will be away until Thursday. They all decide to go out for a meal (paid for by Hugo) at The Good Food Wok and Helena even says it was nice.

Hugo has a vision suddenly, so near the circle of light, but then he falls. Falls. Falls.

Hugo drives Helena back, stopping off to get a 6-pack of beer which he gives to her [as an act of kindness and charity]. Meanwhile Zhu goes to Mr Fu’s bookshop and picks up several books on mystical protections. Zhu engages in a 1-day/five successes extended roll. Meanwhile Jonah tries to pick up some books on Christian demons, but doesn’t find much immediately.

Wednesday 16th November 2011:

Hugo goes to make some deals with his supplier and learns from him that Jody was hollowed out, ribs cracked open. Hugo messages Helena on Facebook (trying to put the moves on her perhaps).

Jonah meets up with Nazeem that evening for their weekly discussions. They talk about demons and angels together, and Jonah refers to Zhu as “a woman, but not lady”. He says that “someone” showed him a vision. They talk some more and agree to go to the funeral, to see whose faith is more correct…

2. A Murder

Monday November 14th 2011:

After morning lunch break, Zhu hacks into Jody, Facebook. It was last updated 5:07pm on Sunday 13th. Only ‘suspicious’ stuff is on Friday 11th, she messaged Hannah Schofield and asked her to walk with her home. Learns Sunday afternoon she was at a Chess Club do until 3:30pm, then posted 5:07pm.

Hugo cuts class to meet with the In-Crowd, learns that they don’t know much, but he spreads the rumour that Zhu might have done it. Hank Svensson asks Hugo to look into ‘Alice’.

Later in the day Jonah starts praying in the middle of class. Martha Haywood also prays with him, whislt a couple of Tearaways mock Jonah by shouting “Jesus” in the middle of class.

At lunch Zhu and Hugo meet up and talk about what Zhu has learnt. Waldo Emmett throws a football at Zhu, and Jonah shouts at him about sinners and first stones, but it doesn’t escalate much beyond that. Then Zhu photoshops gay pictures of Waldo and starts seeding them on the internet.

Hugo speaks with a 9th grader and gets him to promise to tell him if the 9th graders arrange some sort of wake or something. Then they decide to cut class and go to see Hannah Schofield’s house (132 Layton Drive). They talk to Jonah and recuit him to help out.

They head over to Hannah’s house. Jonah goes and rings on the doorbell, and basically terrify her by saying “Please tell us about Jody. We are you friends. We don’t think that Josh did it” and frighten her with the thought that they might be the killers. Whilst she is at the front of the house, Zhu sneaks round the back of the house and steals Hannah’s diary.

In the car Jonah freaks out about Zhu’s theft. Eventually, they get to Hugo’s house.

Diary: Learn that Jody walked home with Hannah and they talked about boys. Jody had been getting into heavy petting with Michael Adams (a young 9th grader goth). She also said that she was afraid and had thought she was being followed.

Hugo photocopies the relevant diary pages, but when he goes to put them in his strongbox, he finds a strange map in it. His handwriting is on the map.

Driving back, they are stopped by Sheriff Jones & Deputy Greer and Jonah is arrested. Zhu is difficult at the officers and is briefly cuffed. The other two are released and drive off.

Jonah is questioned by the police, but it is obvious that his alibis are all going to be fairly watertight. He learns from them some things about why they think Josh is responsible. He was seen in the area of Walsom River, questions about gun-ownership and surgical knowledge. Ask about his working at the butcher’s also.

The other two go to the school and put the diary back in a locker which they think is Hannah’s.

1. A Departure

November 12th 2011:


Hugo makes himself an omlette for breakfast. Meanwhile Jonah wakes up, says his prayers, fries two portions of cornbread for breakfast, one for mum when she wakes up. Reads the parable of the woman caught in adultery. Alice wakes up, and seeds a panda sneezing youtube video on the internets.

Hugo heads off to shcool early, driving his big SUV, whilst Jonah goes straight to the Breakfast Club, not going to distribute Chick tracts as he normally does. Alice gets up late and is driven to school by her mother, being berated as she goes.

Mr Thurston has the library set up for the meeting and everyone turns up eventually. Mr Thurston takes the register (Zhu is difficult), then he tries to get people to talk. Eventually he hands out questionnaires with “What is the scariest thing that has happened to you?” and takes them in, shuffles them and hands them out to read out loud. Only something strange has happened, the stories are trigger events and anonymised. As if written by a typewriter, with names and places anonymised. The stories are read out.

The two hours session seems to be up remarkably quickly, almost immediately after the stories in fact. Not before Mr Thurston noted that Josh had finished his mandatory counselling and would no longer be coming to the Breakfast Club. Josh looked somewhat horrified at losing his ‘friends’. They go outside and Hugo offers round some weed, which everyone bar Jonah accepts. Jonah goes to the gun shop shop. After smoking up, Hugo goes to archery practice, whilst Alice goes to the supermarket with Josh Haberson, but keeps on forgetting that Josh is there and talks in Cantonese to her friends in the Chinese Restaurant. Hugo talks to Lewis Huntsberger at Archery practice and is patronised by the ghastly oik.

November 14th 2011:


In school, they see as in the class across the hall, Josh Haberson is arrested. Alice follows the teacher from the other class and listens in on her conversation. Learns that Jody Fischer has been murdered. Hugo meanwhile talks to some 9th graders and learns much the same story. Jonah meanwhile goes to talk to one of the people from the 9th grader class, smeone from his church. She says that Wendy Jameson was a close friend.

Hugo starts spreading the news in the break time and implies that Josh might have done drugs and was spending time with ‘that Chinese girl’.

Jonah goes to find Wendy, breaks the news of Jody’s death to her. He fails to calm her down though and she is lead away by Chess Club friends.

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