Independence, Ohio

26. Having a Ball

Friday 8th December: Yule Ball Day


The time for the ball is nigh, and Jonah is wandering around outside, dressed in black with a muddied face. Meanwhile Hugo takes Josh shopping for some smart clothes for him.

Soon enough cars with students and adults start turning up, many of the infected parents are turning up as chaperones, including Josh’s parents. People start heading in.

Lots of stuff happens in the Sports Hall, with guns and fighting and killing. Outside Jonah finds Hank trying to break into the school, sneaks up on him and holds him hostage. He meets Dr Lily Grieg and a tense stand-off ensues, but eventually they agree to work together, and head on inside in time for the final showdown, and together everyone takes Karl Schmidt down together.

Hooray. Martin and Josh are quite badly hurt by the fighting, but altogether the Breakfast Club has survived!



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