Independence, Ohio

25. You shall go to the ball

Thursday 7th December Morning:

Zhu goes to the hospital early, but is eventually sent to school by her mother. Meanwhile Hugo arrives late, having got too little sleep. Jonah arrives late, having finished his bomb during the morning.

The day is quiet, the students are subdued, and sounds seem to echo in the silence. They meet up at lunch to chat about Dr Lefarge and decide what to do. They agree to meet with Dr Lefarge and discuss terms later.

There is discussion of who is going to the ball in what clothing. Helena says she is going in a trouser suit, whilst Zhu is going to go pick out some clothes later in the day.

After Lunch

The group decide to help Hugo do the decoration of the sports hall in order to investigate the sound system. It is quite complex, with multiple built-in redundant systems, but ultimately it all comes down to being plugged into a laptop.


After school, the group head over to the hospital to talk to Dr Lefarge. He greets them and they discuss what is to be done. He offers to do the ritual to restrict the infectiousness of Der Musik. He also says that he will apply moral pressure on Agent Coulson.

Hugo then asks Helena to go to the ball with him and all the concerns with his clone-killing, and she says no. She is clearly very angry with him.


Zhu & Hugo work together to finish reversing the infected music and put it on Hugo’s phone, and they are debating how to test it. They decide to find a dog and test it on her. They dognap a pug and drive out to some isolated countryside and do the test. The cure seems to work very effectively.

Friday 8th December: Yule-Ball Day

If anything the school is even quieter, even more subdued. The preparations are advancing apace. Zhu & Helena daub the blood for the LeFarge ritual to slow the spread of infection.

And all is nearly ready.



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