Independence, Ohio

24. Plans & Revelations

Wednesday 5th December

Hugo goes and picks up his car from the mechanics. His aunt gives him a spliff.

When they get into school, they notice that Josh still isn’t around. Jonah gives him a call, gets through to Josh’s mother who says he is ill, but soon Jonah hears ‘I Will Kill Again’ playing in the background. Jonah surmises that his parents have been infected.

They bunk off school and go to his house. There Zhu sneaks in to the house and breaks Josh out. It looks like his parents have had him locked up and are playing him the infectious music at him. When the three of them check him out for infection, it seems that he is completely unaffected, despite having been exposed for hours, and hours on end.

They drop Josh off at Hugo’s home (hiding him in a shed).


After school Zhu goes to the hospital and Dr Lefarge asks to talk with her. He introduces himself as someone working for a certain ‘Catholic Organisation’. He offers to help her if she will tell him what is happening at the school.

He indicates that he is around to investigate Lookout Point, and knows a bunch of things about it, most of which Zhu is already aware of, though he does mention its connection with the Birth-View Museum.

He also indicates that he knows Agent Coulson and that the ‘Hunters’ tend to wrack up the body-count when dealing with problems. He seems at one point to imply that he can ‘feel’ Coulson’s presence.

He offers to help by getting information on a ritual which can help reduce the spread of the infection, though he will have to get permission from his superiors.

Yule-Tide Ball Meeting

Hugo goes into the meeting to talk to the rest of the committee. The organising teacher Mr Callson greets Hugo, but is soon sent to sleep by Karl Schmidt. The committee members, all infected are creepy at Hugo. Hugo learns that they are hiring their own security firm “Securicorp” to patrol the school. He is given a security badge, but when he tries to leave, they try to infect him once again, but with Jonah’s help, Hugo escapes, and decontaminates himself by playing the reverse-music a lot.


Hugo & Zhu do some more music re-writing and are at 8/10 successes at 4am Thursday.


Jonah gets the materials to make a home-made incendiary device, completes it mid-morning Thursday.



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