Independence, Ohio

22. Death & Pillow Talk

Sunday 2nd December Late Night:

Hugo & Jonah head off to to Lookout Point. In preparation for the confrontation Hugo marks his cheek to distinguish him from any potential doppel-Hugos.

They get to the right place in the forest and wait outside the hole with scant seconds to spare. When doppel-Hugo tries to climb out of the hole, they shoot him in the head, Hugo with his bow and Jonah with a shotgun. Jonah then climbs down the hole, retrieves Hugo’s arrow and takes doppel-Hugo’s body.


They then head over on to Hugo’s house, and Hugo heads in to grab a couple of things from the house then head off back to Mrs Hannity’s motel.

By this time, Zhu begins to worry and calls Jonah, and she works out that something is up as Jonah completely fails to hide things.

When they get back to the motel, Hugo, Jonah & Zhu have a short chat, and Hugo lies to Zhu about what happened. Zhu then sends Hugo away (Helena follows him and… fade to black.

Meanwhile Jonah & Zhu talk and, using her clever Chinese ‘wiles’ (she asked him straight up), and Jonah tells her what they did in the woods. Zhu creates a group forum for the Breakfast Club and writes about the Hugo doppel killing.

Monday 3rd December Early Morning

The group meet up for breakfast and talk about things. Hugo’s doppel-killing is discussed, as is his having done the nasty with Helena. There is discussion of whether to go into school, and they agree to do so, and they agree to go to Jonah’s gun-store afterwards.

Zhu phones home to say she is fine, but gets her grandmother, who says that her mother is not up yet. About ten minutes later her grandmother phones back to say that her mother is unconscious and that they are heading to the hospital. Zhu gets Jonah to drive them all to the hospital and she and Martin get out and go to see her mother. It seems that she suffered from hypothermia in the night. Later a doctor comes by and tells her that she will have to lose parts of two of her fingers.

Whilst the doctor is giving his advice, Zhu receives an IM message from ‘thefifthwarrior’ saying “I’m sorry”. He says that he had to do it because it was so important to keep Zhu safe from ‘the truck’ and ‘him’. He says it would have been much worse if ‘the other’ had been doing it, if it had happened at new moon. When she asks him why Micheal Lord affected her & Martin so badly, he repeatedly denies that he can say anything about this, but then sends her an email saying “It is because you have both been touched by death and because you will both reach beyond the vale [sic.] in the future”. Immediately after reading that, her computer dies.

Meanwhile at School

Arriving at school, Jonah, Hugo & Helena notice the infected hanging around in a group. Then Content Not Found: dr-Wintringer announces across the tannoy system that, in the light of the attack on the hospital that night, Deputy Greer will be staying around in school if anyone wants to come forward with information.

Whilst the announcements are going on, Nina, Lewis Huntsberger & Wendy Jameson move through the crowd to talk to Hugo. Nina says that Hugo should come back to them, that he needs to be the Yule King with her. She tries to seduce him. When this doesn’t work, Lewis mentions how unpopular he will become. When that doesn’t work, Wendy threatens him.

Then they leave.



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