Independence, Ohio

21. Please don't Stop the Music

Sunday 2nd December Evening

FIGHT! Zhu throws several table weights at Karl and nearly kills him. Eventually he is overcome and dragged into the bathroom by the others and they play both the Toccata and the I Will Kill Again backwards which seems to immobilise him. He also has a certain hollow
sound to him.

Having done that, Francine arrives home with a bunch of groceries and a endoscopic camera + vaseline, which was on sale at the shop. Hugo finds this odd, but goes upstairs. They stick the camera down Karl’s throat and it is deeply weird. The throat goes down about 3 ft and then ends in blackness. They see musical notes flashing through the air.

They play more backwards music at him and more notes flash across the camera screen, enough to start identifying it.

They try an experiment, playing the Toccata & Fugue forwards to Karl, and this seems to awaken Der Musik in him somewhat and the camera has a foot of length ‘bitten’ off. They calm Karl back down with the backwards music.

Then Jonah has a vision of his death, with upwards of thirty people approaching the house, weapons out. He sees Francine die, then has his throat blown out by someone looking like Nina Svensson.

When his vision ends, he warns the other that people are coming and goes to have a look out a window. He sees a figue at the bottom of the garden. Music begins to play, it is Wagner. The group gather together and leave Hugo’s house, gathering up his aunt in the meanwhile (she seems particularly unfazed by everything). They drive away with a few shots fired at them, then Zhu gets a call from her mother, when she picks up it is clear that it is her father speaking to her. He tells her to beware the truck. When she communicates this to Jonah he realises that it is Michael Lord she is talking about, and apparently Francine has met him. As they are driving, fairly sure that Michael cannot come into town they find him bearing down on them. As he gets closer, both Zhu & Martin begin to feel ill, but Zhu’s laptop tells her to hold it close to her and she feels warmer.

Jonah leads them along a careful route, via an old bridge which cannot possibly take the weight of the truck and they escape. When they get to the Johnson Memorial Trailerpark, Francine seems to imply that she knows something about Michael Lord, Jonah & Jonah’s mother. She tells Jonah’s mother to get her cow-hide sash and put it around the trailer (which his mother duly does).

Hugo, meanwhile, begins to have a strange feeling, like the is a clock counting down to a particular time.

Eventually, though, they leave, taking Karl with them and dropping him off at a hospital. THere is some discussion over where it might be safe to stay and they eventually decide to go to Mrs Hannity’s motel. When they arrive, Hugo asks Jonah to come with him to ‘check out his house’, but actually takes him up to Lookout Point to deal with ‘something’ there.



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