Independence, Ohio

19. Hospital Truths

Saturday 1st December Morning

Zhu is woken up by her mother and she and her family go to a market in Alliance. At the market she finds a stall run by a Chinese man, and finds a book entitled “The 4th Warrior”, seems to be a story about a peasant woman who becomes a warrior.

Agent Coulson comes in to see Hugo, and asks him questions about school, about the In-Crowd and then plays him the opening of Toccata & Fugue and looks at him carefully. Seemingly satisfied, he leaves.

Saturday Afternoon

Zhu gets her mother to drive her to the hospital to visit Hugo, where she learns that Hugo got shot whilst with Jonah. She freaks out and Hugo is slightly rude to her. She leaves the two together and they talk about Zhu’s strange experience in the morning.

Hugo & Zhu talk, then Martin comes to visit Hugo. There is a lot of awkwardness as Zhu starts trying to tell him about the demons and Evil Hugo. There are lots of text messages between Martin, Jonah, Hugo and Zhu trying to clear this up. Shortly afterwards, Helena arrives and Zhu tells her about the Evil Hugo etc.

Eventually, however, Hugo & Zhu manage to convince the other two that there is something definitely weird going on, despite their initial incredulity. Things get more complicated when they start asking about the Evil Hugo death.

Lots of discussion goes on about what to do.

Saturday Night

Hugo dreams of dark places, and water… then he wakes up in the middle of the night and can feel that there is someone in the room with him. Then Nina Svensson starts talking to him. Telling him they are sorry he got caught in the crossfire and that he’ll get better soon, ready for the Yule Ball, where the Band will be playing and the Glee club singing.

Sunday 2nd December Morning

Jonah goes to Church and tries to hit up his contacts to make contact with a sheriff in an adjacent county, but doesn’t get a great amount of information. He does learn from the motel owner that Bill Hanks has left the motel, declaring loudly that he was heading home.

Instead he drives out of town, finds a payphone and tips off the Independnence Police about Bill Hanks and the stolen guns.



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