Independence, Ohio

18. Sacrifices

Sinking Feeling

Friday Night 1st December:

The footballers begin their ritual, but are not more than a few seconds in before Jonah steps out and starts haranguing them. The footballers are utterly cowed and try to weasel out of things.

Jonah questions them at length about their demonic sacrifices etc. and finds out:

  • They have been doing this for years (or the football team in general).
  • Hank learnt about this from his father.
  • They thought that Billy was sick and wanted to heal him.
  • They claimed that they were just doing a good luck ritual thing.
  • They never saw anything strange whilst doing the rituals (both Hugo & Zhu realise that this wasn’t entirely true, and even Jonah has his suspicions).
  • When told to renounce the demon they mention the name “Beelzebub” despite the fact that supposedly there is no demon.

After the questioning, Jonah gets the footballers to pray for forgiveness and then tells them to piss off. As they are driving off, Zhu throws a rock and smashes the window of one of the cars.

Whilst the questioning is going on, Hugo experiences some things…

In the light of the receding headlights, Jonah has a vision, a vision of someone pointing a gun (a remmington .22 hunting rifle) at him. In the vision he recalls a fact, the fact that 80% of such injuries aren’t fatal. Then his vision ends.

Saturday 2nd December Early Morning:

Hugo then drives the others home, first Zhu to down the street and lets her out, then he drives with Jonah back to Jonah’s trailer park. Jonah approaches his caravan very carefully, beliving he might be in danger. As they move forward through the trailer park, Hugo notices that from the edge of his vision that there was a figure creeping forward with a gun.

A fire fight breaks out and two assailants attack Hugo & Jonah, and both are killed, but not before Hugo get shot twice. The whole trailer park wakes up and the two assailants are eventually killed. The two people are:

Marcus – Played the big drum.
Ron – Chess club member.

When the police turn up, it is just Deputy Greer and he is clearly very slapdash about the investigation and repeats several lines from that song.

Saturday 2nd December Mid-Morning:

Hugo spends the night in hospital, but is given good care. The police seem to have closed down any inquiries already.

Zhu hears about the gunfight through a text from Jonah, and “the5thwarrior” starts talking to her. He says that

  • “He” is back in town. He as done something big.
  • The echoes are stronger.
  • He is weakened by “his” presence. “He” is strong.

Hugo gets a call from Helena asking about how he is, but this is cut short by Hugo getting a visitor, Agent Coulson.



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