Independence, Ohio

16. Der Musik

Tuesday Evening 29th November:

Zhu & Jonah are in Jonah’s car just after Zhu has escaped. They drive back to Zhu’s house so that they can scan the sheet music into her computer to translate the German.

“The5thWarrior” starts talking to Zhu and tells her that she shouldn’t scan the music onto her computer, as it is connected to the internet. When Zhu asks him why, he says he isn’t sure, but it might be bad.

Meanwhile Jonah looks at the dead mouse they found at the house with the fleshy skein. He discovers that the inside of the mouse seems to have been hollowed out. Zhu scans the music into a computer not connected to the internet. She downloads a translation program and they start reading the translations.

Translation Notes

There are two sets of hand-written notes in the margin, one they identify as being by Hans Hubrecht an 18th C. composer who ended up in an asylum. His handwriting is slightly odd, slightly driven, but also somewhat ecletic.

The second set of handwriting is clearly added later, at least mid-half of the 19th C. (there is a reference to the 1848 Revolutions). Less of this part of the text is translated, but it talks about “the killings”. E.g.

“It began with the killings, at the time we thought that we had to end it with more killings.”

Hugo wakes up in his own bed about midnightish. When he comes downstairs to make himself some coffee he hears the sound of someone trying to put keys into his front-door lock. When he puts the kitchen light on, someone outside says ‘Shit’ and runs off. Looking at the security cameras, Hugo sees that it was someone wearing a hoody, of a fairly slight build, maybe an adolescant kid.

Hugo orders some night-vision goggles.

Wednesday 30th November:

Zhu prints out the scanned music documents to send off to a professor to translate for them. She also continues hacking Agent Coulson’s account and gets 3/8 successes (one roll a day).

At Church Jonah does a bunch of question-asking about the three outsiders, but all that his church knows is that Bill Hanks has stopped doing quite so much wandering about town. Bill also comes up to chat to him and tells him that there has been a robbery of a bunch of guns from a gun store a couple of counties over.

Thursday 31st

Zhu breaks into Agent Coulson’s email and finds out lots from the two email addresses. The two addresses are:

Emails is a social email address, now used principally for spam. But 7-8 years ago he went to Nepal and worked in an orphanage. He says, at one point, that he has discovered a whole new world. After returning from Nepal, he seems more driven and joins the FBI. ABout 3-4 years ago he starts cutting himself off from friends and family somewhat. is a more recent address, created about 4 years ago. His emails are odd, written with lots of code-words like “Type 2” and “Dealt with in the standard manner”. The last email he sent, three days before Jody died saying “ has said there is a build-up of weirdness at [GPS coordinates of Independence], wanna go check it out?” to two other email addresses.

Zhu prints out a bunch of emails and sends them off to her Chinese friends, as per their agreement.

Thursday Night 30th November
Breaking & Entering

Jonah & Zhu start breaking in to Hugo’s house. She picks the lock, but Hugo has put the alarm on and Zhu has to disarm the alarm. Jonah heads upstairs whilst Zhu continues disarming the alarm. As Jonah enters the room, Hugo wakes up and both go for their guns and a tense stand-off begins. Zhu arrives, but neither Jonah nor Hugo are particularly looking to stand down. Eventually, Zhu hears the noise of footsteps coming up the stairs. When she has a look, she sees that Hugo is coming towards the room with a gun in hand. Zhu calls out to Hugo & Jonah that someone is coming to kill Hugo and tries to get them to leave, but Hugo arrives before they can make any escape.

There is then a new tense stand-off, this time between the two Hugos, each claiming to be the real one. Eventually matters are decided by Jonah, who shoots at the old-Hugo, rather than the newly-arrived-Hugo, and newly-arrived-Hugo joins in. Zhu throws herself on the badly injured body of old-Hugo and neither of the other two are willing to open fire in case they hit her. Zhu makes a 911 call and tries to call out her address to the operator before newly-arrived-Hugo stops the call.

Finally, matters are decided by the room’s music system turning itself on, and old-Hugo beginning to heal at an unnatural rate. This decides Zhu that newly-arrived-Hugo is probably real-Hugo (or at least that there was something wrong with old-Hugo) and real-Hugo coup de grace’s old-Hugo.



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