Independence, Ohio

13. Friendship?

Sunday 27th November Morning:

Jonah goes to Church early, about 9 and helps set things up for the service. There he meets Mrs Hannity and talks to her about Bill Hanks. She says that he had some sort of a strange machine, looking like a remote control for an electric car, and that he has been having late night meetings with a foreign-sounding woman and Agent Coulson.

Zhu begins looking up demon-banishing rituals on the internet. She finds lots and lots of drek, but eventually works out a few basic principles. Knowing the name and/or nature of the demon and researching it specifically seems to be the order of the day. Researching all of this takes most of the day. She forwards most of this information to Jonah.

Hugo waits around for the police and eventually an officer arrives, gives the place a look over, and later a foresnics team come in and brush for fingerprints. Later on his parents get home and they are horrible about Hilda, the maid.

Many of the paintings were by the same artist, David Reynard, and Mrs Maybell seemed to imply that Jonah’s mother knew him. In many/all of the paintings a baby is hidden in some corner, but the baby ages throughout the pictures, whilst somehow remaining a baby. At least one of the pictures seems to be of Independence from the perspective of someone at Lookout Point.


Jonah McCreedy goes to visit the The Birth-View Museum. Mrs Maybell is slightly creepy at him. She mentions that both Agent Coulson and Bill Hanks visited earlier (though separately). She draws a diagram of the strange machine that Bill had and Jonah works out that it is partially an EMF detector.


Hugo goes out to dinner with his parents to The Good Fish Plaice. The food is awkward, and it is clear that his parents don’t know how to connect with him.

Zhu & Jonah look up the local history of Independence, but they don’t find anything which looks like the killings have happened before in the local area.

28th November Monday Morning:

The three arrive in school, and Hugo sees Nina across the court, but then Helena comes up and starts to talk to him, thanking him for what the others did to Edgar. But then Nina comes over and kisses him.

Helena is upset and runs off to the bathrooms, and Zhu follows her, reassuring her that it is Hugo is an asshole. She comes out of the bathroom and punches Hugo in the mouth.

Relations between Hugo, Zhu and Jonah deteriate rather significantly after this…

Hugo contacts Martin Utreint and manages to convince him that he isn’t such a bad guy.



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